Assurance Services

    Statutory Audits

    • Audits of annual accounts of companies in compliance with the Companies Ordinance and any other ordinances
    • advice to clients on accounting and auditing matters
    • advice to company directors on their statutory obligations and responsibilities

    Accounting Services

    • Periodic writing-up of accounting books and preparation of financial statements
    • Accounting systems study and improvement
    • Clearing accounting backlogs
    • Selection of suitable accounting software

    Pre-IPO arrangement

    • Case by case study and arrangement for IPO
    • Group reconstruction before IPO
    • Arrangement for meeting with sponsors, reporting accountants and answering of query from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong

    Financial and Management Consultancy Services

    • Installation of management information systems
    • Installation of financial management and control systems
    • Search and recruitment of staff
    • Business planning and budgeting
    • Value-added study on business operation efficiency
    • Other financial advice to management

    Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency Services

    • advice on liquidation, bankruptcy and insolvency matters
    • advice to lenders and trade creditors on debt recovery
    • assistance to rescue companies in financial crisis
    • business or debt reorganisation
    • receivership, creditors¡¦ voluntary and compulsory liquidations
    • monitoring of the financial performance of troubled companies
    • preparation of statement of affair

    Taxation & Trust Services

    • Tax compliance and submission
    • Tax investigation and field audit
    • Corporate and individual tax planning
    • Cross border transactions planning
    • Stamp duty planning
    • Estate duty planning

    Improved bottomline

    • Analysis and evaluation of operating performance and advice for improvements
    • Professional advice on internal control system
    • Analysis and evaluation of cash flow for better liquidity management
    • Professional advice on optimum resources deployment
    • Professional advice on cost-efficient procedures / systems

    Better business decisions

    • Financial analysis and highlight of irregularities and risk areas in mergers or acquisitions
    • Setting up of the most tax efficient plan for major business decisions
    • Feasibility studies for new business endeavors
    • Professional assistance in business negotiations

    Minimize tax exposure

    • Professional advice on optimum tax planning to minimize exposure and preserve profits
    • Professional and skillful negotiations with IRD in tax investigation and field audit cases

    Sound management advice

    • Sound advice on your corporate structure & financial and internal control systems

    Prompt statutory compliance

    • Prompt compliance with statutory / regulatory filing or reporting deadlines


    • Strict confidentiality of sensitive accounting and financial data

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